Stigma Is Curable- Myths and Strengths of ADHD

The Myths and Strengths of ADHD


The Promethean Project is hosting a community event each month of 2021. Each event is looking at different health stigmas that exist and are engrained within our society. Our goal is to create a forum, with a panel of experts, to address and combat the ideas of said stigmas, in hopes to cure the misinformed ideas that create them.
Our first event is related to ADHD. We have two expert panelists, Lorri Comeau and Tabitha Mancini, who will be giving a small presentation on the myths and strengths of ADHD. The presentation will then be followed by a Q & A segment in which our panelists will give recommendations, tips, and resources.
Please click the link to reserve your tickets (which are free) to attend our Zoom meeting! You will be prompted to fill out a form, and the Zoom link will be emailed to you!