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We got to sit down with our friend Robyn Lee!! The conversation touched upon a number of different topics, however the fruit of the conversation really focused on the positive role that social media can play with community building and philanthropy. We often hear about the negative affects of social media and technology, it was quite refreshing to talk about the positive side of social media and how we can use it to empower individuals and communities!

Robyn Lee is the proud owner of MorningBird Media- a social media company that goes beyond the metrics to express your company’s personality through the art of storytelling. She translates the personality of your physical business to an online experience that everyone can enjoy. They are currently working with non-profits like the CT Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Valley Venture Mentors as well as retail businesses like ShopRite. She also teaches masterclasses to the public on how to use social media for your business. 

Facebook: https://facebook.com/MorningBirdMediaLLC/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/morningbird_media/

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