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We recently got to catch up with our friends, Aaron and Maire, from Beyond Happiness!! Catching up was fantastic, and we were even blessed with a visit from a 3rd essential member of their company!! The episode is packed with great information on self care, perspective, and empathy (and Aaron also channels his inner Hulk Powers!!).

Aaron was diagnosed with Itchy Dry Skin and has struggled ever since to find products that work for him. During his time in high school, he began to make his own body butters and soaps to help with his skin. After a teacher told him to sell the product, he began to pursue a skin care business. After years of research and trial and error he launched his business, Simply Smooth, in 2017. Since then, Aaron has received the Grinspoon Entrepreneurship Spirit Award, 2nd Place in the Hampshire College Pitching Competition, an internship with Hampshire College Entrepreneurship Internship, got accepted to both VVM Collegiate Accelerator and VVM Startup Accelerator Programs, and many other awards. Aaron is dedicated to self care just as much as making these products, believing that beauty comes from within. Noticing that many millennial and young people struggle with self confidence and self esteem, Aaron made it a priority to incorporate this into the business. By creating a business and a community Aaron is excited to continue to grow and expand! The company recently became Beyond Happiness as it sums up their new mission more than the previous name of Simply Smooth!

Maire Frances is thrilled to be apart of Beyond Happiness! Joining the team in 2017 during the launch of the business, Maire Frances has been eager to be apart of every aspect of the business. Maire Frances controls the online social media platforms and does a lot of the decorating for displays, and show tables that Simply Smooth attends to sell and display their products. She is excited to share with customers how to take care of themselves with self care and any advice she can help with.

Check them out here beyondhappinessme.com

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