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Welcome back guys!!!

Episode 11 starts off with a bang!! We don’t even introduce our guest “officially” until towards the end of the episode. No worries though, I won’t keep you waiting in these here show notes, our guest today is Martin Dubovic… Aka Barstruck Martin … Aka Kalisthenics Nomad … Aka E-Ratic Madman.

Martin and I first met at the PCC three years ago… as you’ll hear, we started talking over our love for healthy snacks. We get into nutrition early in the episode, and Martin has some amazing thoughts on health, cleanliness, and spiritual well being of the food we eat. Martin left his job, two years ago, and now travels the world, exploring different cultures, lifestyles and food. His love for health, animals, and different cultures is awe inspiring, and is something that really shines through through out all of the episode.

I really enjoyed catching up with Martin, we could have easily did five more podcasts about all of the things we have in common. We will definitely have him back again to talk more.

Check him out on social media:

@kalisthenics_nomad – Instagram

@Martin Calisthenics – Facebook

And keep a look out for his new website coming soon- just search his name: Martin Dubovic

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