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Today we got to sit down with my fellow geek, Michele Heyward. And boy, let me tell you, she is a blast. I first met Michele in the VVM Start Up Accelerator- much like Episode 6 guest Oscar. Michele blew my mind early on. Her warmth, charisma, humor and caring are all evident from the minute she says hello to you. She can conversate with the best of them, and she holds your interest. But what you don’t see until you get to know her, is her extreme want to help create a world of equal opportunity, equity, and respect. Oh you learn it within five minutes, but by then you already know Michele for who she is. She is one of the most genuine people you can ever meet, and she will have you in stitches for hours. We get to talk about her passions, her history, and how she is advocating for change in the STEM field, specifically for women of color. 

You may notice that Michele’s company is actually name PositiveHire, and that the name of the episode is actually Positive Higher…. this wasn’t a mistake- in the episode we talk about how Michele came up with the amazing pun for her company. I wanted to honor that in the title, because she literally is a person who is bringing the value of “Positive” to a higher level.

Michele Heyward is founder and CEO of PositiveHire, a tech company engineered to bridge the gap between enterprises and women of color in STEM. Michele is an experienced project manager in the energy sector armed with technical sales and technology transfer experience.

Michele’s vision is to not only help women of color in STEM find inclusive workplaces, but to prepare enterprises to receive them, and help those enterprises recruit them.This approach makes PositiveHire, the premiere recruiting platform for women of color professionals.

Michele has a B.S. degree in civil engineering and M.S. degree in industrial management, both from Clemson University.  A South Carolina native, Michele enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, Toastmasters, and making connections  personally and professionally. Michele has a passion for engaging with others on social media.

Check out the work she is doing here:


You can contact Michele here:


or on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram

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