Break the chains, find your flame!

Break the chains, find your flame!

The Promethean Project is a non-profit wellness center, focused on creating a one stop shop for physical, mental and holistic health and wellness.

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Movement Towards Change

One half of a “Munchie Mania” (mozzarella sticks, onion rings, chicken tenders), a large order of chicken quesadillas, double fries (hold the salad/coleslaw) and a coffee shake. Sounds like the description of enough food for a group of friends, but it’s not. In fact it was something quite different—my dinner, twice a week, from 2000-2006.…
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Finding Balance Between Mind and Muscle

I grew up in the perfect storm of cheesy action movies and the rising star of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Visions of attaining the perfect physique filled my head, and snapshots of Arnold from Commando carrying a tree on his shoulder filled my vision boards. But as I grew older, I found that the oversimplified pursuit of…
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